Caterina Di Biase’s collection ‘Femme’, meaning woman in French, exudes power and luxury. Inspired by the surge of red in recent high end fashion, the collection recognises women as both strong and feminine and uses this powerful primary colour to encapsulate a range of emotions and physical elements.

Explosions of red, teamed with strong shapes and cuts, brings the collection to life and creates clean lines and a sense of movement.

The collection comprises of a range of looks that work to create a feeling of opulence. From a strong, beautiful black bob that showcases structure, detail and finesse, to a sleek pure blonde up do with a twist; the looks dominate the plain and subtle landscape and demand attention. A mixture of elements work to create texture, style and class. The eye-catching red beautifully compliments the features of each shot. “Being my favourite colour, the collection came quite naturally to me,” says Caterina Di Biase. “When you paint something red, it stands out. We’ve taken that concept and run with it.” The collection is beautifully executed and evokes feelings of lust, drama and power.


Hair Director: Caterina Di Biase for Heading Out Hair and Beauty Australia
Photographer: Andrew O’Toole
Makeup Artist: Kylie O’Toole
Stylist: Pip Cook

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