There was an awe-inspiring mood of opulence in the room as Heading Out Hair and Beauty’s Creative Director, Caterina Di Biase, created her new photographic collection, ‘Masterpiece’. 

A blend of renaissance art, baroque embellishment and modern punk hair throughout the images, work to create its own gallery of modern day masterpieces. “The fashion world has been enjoying a maximalist period where baroque styling has become a fixture in our wardrobes. I felt that this would be a strong, dramatic platform to create a shoot from,” says Caterina Di Biase.

Sumptuous, brocade fabrics set the scene for this exuberant shoot; starting with the soft, pale blue, tie-dyed bob. This technique was achieved by tying bands along sections of the hair and painting the colour between them. Another soft style also featured in the collection is the very modern, pixie cut. The top of the hairline was over directed back in this cut to keep length in the front section. A sharp, angular, punk balayage bob with an emphasis on its shape, vintage green colour and texture can be seen in the collection. Yet, another contrasting image depicts a beautiful, raw, ‘chewy’ textured, modern bob with a heavy fringe and a short textured crown. This appetising texture was created to compliment its pastel pink colour. Another image also depicts this chewy, chiseled technique in a deep violet palette. Hair Director Di Biase said, “I incorporated the new neon trend into this shoot by working with electric lime hair that had a strong, glam rock element fused with an elegant styling aesthetic.” Photographer, Andrew O’Toole described the shoot as “a very powerful, masterful and decadent shoot.”


Hair Director: Caterina Di Biase for Heading Out Hair and Beauty Australia
Photographer: Andrew O’Toole
Make Up Artist: Kylie O’Toole
Stylist: Andrew Zumbo

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