Aiden Horwood’s collection ‘Pop Art’ showcases manga inspired colours and technical cuts, fused with movement to create a balanced and beautiful selection of images.

Drawing inspiration from iconic Pop Artist Andy Warhol, the collection plays on the minimalist aspect – teaming only a few elements with classic shapes to create a maximum effect.

“I wanted to showcase the fluidity between cut and colour, where both aspects complement each other,” Horwood says. From the neon yellow and white choppy bob, to the iridescent shade of blue peeking through solid black hair, ‘Pop-Art’ showcases a variety of shapes and colours. The strong, static shapes are soft in texture and brought to life by graphic, all-over colour teamed with contrasting focal points which adds the feeling of movement. The collection has an editorial edge; using a treatment that both softens the silhouettes and adds focus to the hair. It encompasses a mix of past, present and future cuts; the styling is clean and elegant with a feminine and seductive touch. “I wanted to create a collection that would showcase my cutting skills and demonstrate that less is more,” Horwood says. ‘Pop Art’ connects with consumer and hairdresser alike and draws inspiration from the likes of Angelo Seminara, Tim Hartley and Mark Hayes.


Hair Director: Aiden Horwood for Heading Out Hair and Beauty Australia
Photographer: Fiona Storey
Makeup Artist: Andrea Micich
Stylist: Carlos Mangubat

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