Essential Tips for maintaining luscious locks in winter

Frosted fingers, dark mornings and excessive clothing – just a few things we do not like about winter. But most of all – we don’t like what it does to our hair! The healthy, shiny and luscious hair we worked so hard on maintaining now faces more than a few grey days. But not to worry, we are well aware and very prepared to take on the winter blues with these care and styling tips for the colder weather and heat damage


1) Make good use of your shower cap

Meaning, don’t over wash your hair. Sounds like every girls dream! But, it is for a very good reason. During the colder months of winter, we recommend washing your hair 2-3 times per week. This will prevent your precious hair from drying out too much. Rushing out of the house with wet hair may seem very tempting – but resist! Your wet hair against the harsh winter winds will add even further (unwanted) damage to your hair by making it brittle and dry.


2) Treat yo’self (and your hair!)

Pop on some music, light some scented candles, treat yourself to an organic shower bomb such as those in the From Earth range and treat your hair to a deep moisture treatment. For the best results, we suggest using the treatment once a week. Kick dry hair in the behind with Oribe’s Signature Moisture Masque for a super-rich indulgence. This will help fight the cold winter winds with deep nourishment, smoother, shinier and irresistibly touchable hair.


3) Say goodbye to static-y hair

Beanies, hoodies and hats – the catalyst for all things static! Static hair happens when your scalp dries out, which means fewer oils are produced. To fix/avoid this problem, it is best to use a hairbrush with natural bristles, which will help to transfer the oils from the scalp to the rest of the hair, therefore conducting less static. We recommend using Denman Natural Boar Bristle Paddle Brush with 100% natural boar bristles that are nestled deep in a high quality cushion.


4) Don’t be a stranger to the salon

With the excessive amount of heat damage and extra styling during winter, our ends can split more than usual. Regular trips to the salon are essential to keep your hair in mint condition all year round! To help reduce dry, splitting ends we recommend a regular trim every 6-8 weeks. Our expert team of stylists at Heading Out Hair & Beauty are equipped with all the right tools and knowledge to nurse your hair back to health or maintain that summer glow you just can’t let go of.