Product Spotlight: L’Oréal Hair Touch Up


If you’re having problems with your grey hair showing up between your hair colour appointments, we have the easiest (and quickest) solution for you: the L’Oreal Hair Touch Up.
What It Is?
L’Oreal Hair Touch Up is a temporary root Touch Up spray that conceals and cover grey hair in seconds. Available in 5 shades, this product is formulated with special make-up pigments that offer extraordinary coverage making grey hair imperceptible even in close inspection. Just spray and you’re good to go!
What else you need to know?
Due to the perfect coverage that the make-up pigments of the L’Oréal Hair Touch Up provides, it can also provide a thicker and fuller hair appearance for those who have thinning hair. Check out this video and see how our creative hair director and L’Oreal Ambassador Caterina Di Biase uses this wonder product!