Icon Tanning

Get that beach babe vibe with our range of tanning services that’ll make you glow!

Service: Extensions Description
Full Body Spray Tan Get that luxurious beachy look without any of the effort with the help of our spray tan professionals. $53.5
Partial Spray Tan Want a little skin showing but don't want to go all out? Get your legs, arms or torso tanned with our team! $37.5
Icon Facials

Lay back and relax as we revitalise your skin and keep it hydrated.

Service: Extensions Description
Express Facial Bring out your radiant beauty with our rejuvenating facials that replenish your skin and give you a burst of hydration to keep you looking fresh. $85
Icon Tinting

Ditch the mascara and start showing off your natural-look dramatic lashes with tinting.

Service: Extensions Description
Eyelash Tint Make your lashes pop with our tint services that'll let you skip the mascara for a little extra time in the morning. $35
Eyebrow Tint Make your brows stand out! Our expert team can define your brows at no risk to ensure you step out looking natural. $33
Lash & brow Tint Dramatic flair and model looks can be yours with our lash and brow tint package that's designed to get you looking fabulous. $46
Icon Nails

Our technicians can help you rock those nails in a style to suit every occasion with our range of colours, shapes and trends.

Service: Extensions Description
Manicure Get your nails shaped and neatened. We can cut, smoothen and polish your nails in a style that suits you best. $33
Shellac Mani Stay on trend with our extensive range of colours and styles for your nails that'll keep you looking brand new. $53
Dazzle Dry Mani The latest technology in fast-drying (in less than 5 minutes), long-lasting nail polish for up to 14 days of wear. Clean formulas that are non-toxic, vegan, with no curing lamp required! $53
BIAB (Builder Gel) Mani BIAB Builder Gel is the newest, most transformative nail product on the market to help your nails grow longer and healthier, with up to 4 weeks of wear. If your nails are weak and constantly breaking - this is the mani for you! BIAB is refillable, and we have a huge range of colours to make your nail dreams come true. $91
BIAB Mani with Extensions BIAB Builder Gel is the newest, most transformative nail product on the market to help your nails grow longer and healthier, with up to 4 weeks of wear. If your nails are weak and constantly breaking - this is the mani for you! With added extensions, get the nail length, shape and impact you are dreaming of with BIAB in our huge range of colours. $113
Pedicure Your toes need care too! We can get your nails looking neat and healthy for that last minute event with our team of professional nail technicians! $67
Shellac Pedicure Stay on trend with our extensive range of long-lasting Shellac colours for your toes that'll keep you looking brand new. $78
Dazzle Dry Pedi Get long-lasting, quick-drying Dazzle Dry polish for your toes to complete your nail care, after a relaxing pedicure to neaten up your feet! $74
Deluxe Dazzle Dry Pedi Get long-lasting, quick-drying Dazzle Dry polish for your toes to complete your nail care, after a relaxing Deluxe pedicure to neaten up your feet, with full pampering including a soak, scrub, exfoliation to reveal soft heels, nail and cuticle neatening, and the customer favourite foot massage. $95
Shellac Soak Off Starting to get bored of your nails? We'll remove your colour so you can start fresh! $13
Icon Waxing (Women)

Wax your worries away with our treatments that leave you luxuriously softer for longer!

Service: Extensions Description
1/2 Leg Got a new look that needs a little less pesky hair? Wax your worries away with us! $34
Full Leg Don't be afraid to step out with our waxing treatments that'll leave your skin feeling delicate and smooth. $56
1/2 Arm We use the highest quality waxes and hygienic processes to treat your arms and leave them as soft as velvet. $32
Full Arm Leave your arms feeling smoother for longer with our waxing treatments that suit all types of skin. $36
Thigh Wax Chafing is a problem of the past with our delicate waxing techniques that leave your thighs feeling silky. $43
Bikini Neaten up the sides and the top for a natural look that'll leave you beach ready. $27
Brazilian Go all out with our full wax treatment that's designed to take care of your sensitive areas. $53
1/2 Leg & Bikini Need to tidy up your legs and down there? Let us get rid of any unwanted hair with precision and a gentle touch. $35
1/2 Leg & Brazilian Wax away any unwanted hair with our upper leg and Brazilian waxing package. $73
Full Leg & Brazilian Step out like a model and get a little glam with our full leg and Brazilian treatment. $99
Full Leg & Bikini Get your legs looking soft and tidy yourself up to step out in style with our waxing treatments that are suited to delicate skin. $79
Eyebrow Wax We pride ourselves on ensuring your brows come out straight, precise and with beautiful lines to help shape your face. $27
Eyebrow Reshape Accentuate your features with our customer-focused brow reshaping treatments. $33
Lip Wax Leave your upper lip baby soft with our team who are dedicated to gentle waxing treatments. $17
Chin Wax A little peach fuzz never bothered us! We can leave your face feeling soft with our delicate wax technicians. $20
Eyebrow & Lip Frame your face and keep it looking clean and smooth to make yourself glow. $33
Icon Waxing (Men)

From those getting their first treatment to long time waxing fans, we’ve got the right tools for your needs.

Service: Extensions Description
Chest You're not alone if you're looking for a little male touch up! Our specialists can leave your chest feeling fresh and smooth with our waxing treatments. $39
Back Our most popular request will leave your back feeling much softer quickly, painlessly and throughly. $44
Stomach If your snail trail isn't working for you anymore, get it waxed away with the team at Heading Out. $38
Neck Keep looking smart, sharp and professional with our neck waxing touch ups! $28
Shoulders Singlets are no longer just a dream with our range of delicate shoulder waxing specialists. $28
Arm Leave your arms feeling smoother than usual with our treatments designed for men's skin. $38
1/2 Arm Luxuriously soft forearms can be yours at Heading Out. $30
Full Leg We take our waxing treatments seriously to ensure that your legs come out feeling smooth and that post-wax care is maintained. $60
1/2 Leg Show off your calves without worrying about a little extra hair with our half leg waxing treatments. $43
Back, Neck & Shoulders We make waxing approachable for all types of people, so come in to get cleaned up with our back, neck and shoulder package! $69
Chest, Stomach Is your front getting a bit too fuzzy? Let us remove any unwanted hair with our services designed especially for men. $55
Icon Sugaring (Women)

Want a gentler alternative to waxing? Sugaring is an 100% natural and environmentally-friendly hair removal system suitable for all parts of the body.

Service: Extensions Description
1/2 Leg Gentle to the skin and using natural ingredients, our sugaring services will give you soft smooth calves you can show off! $47
Full Leg Waxing can be painful, but sugaring ensures that the the treatment only sticks to the hair - giving you soft, hairless legs without any discomfort. $77
Bikini Get that all-naturally soft look with our sugaring techniques designed for the gentle skin around your bikini line. $34
Brazilian Don't be scared of hair removal down there with our soft, natural and painfree sugaring technique that is good for skin of all types. $67
Eyebrow Tidy up your brows and take the proper aftercare with our gentle facial sugaring. $29
Lip Make your lip smooth with our natural treatment that is gentle to the skin and has lasting results. $22
Chin We can brighten your face by sugaring away undesirable hair on your chin for a fresher, lighter look. $22
Arm Organic, safe and gentle to the skin, sugaring lets us tidy up your arms and leave them luxuriously soft and smooth. $52
1/2 Arm Our half arm sugaring treatments treat your skin delicately and leaves your skin velvety for longer. $39
1/2 Leg + Bikini Tidy up your lower half and leave your skin silky smooth with a technique that is both hypo-allergenic and good for all skin types. $68
1/2 Leg & Brazilian Velvety soft skin without the pain has never been more attainable for your more delicate areas with our gentle sugaring service. $89
Full Leg & Bikini Our all-natural sugaring will get your body beach-ready painlessly to give you soft supple skin that lasts for weeks. $91
Full Leg & Brazilian The pain of waxing down there is a thing of the past with our delicate sugaring techniques. $115
Threading Available Get your brows in order without damaging your delicate skin with threading. Using no artifical products, we'll get your brows shaped more precisely than you ever thought possible. POA
Icon Sugaring (Men)

Don’t be scared to take the first step towards hair removal with the gentle, all-natural and safe method of sugaring – good for all types of skin!

Service: Extensions Description
Chest Been scared to take the first step to waxing? With sugaring, we can remove all that pesky hair without the pain! $75
Back A silky smooth back has never been easier with our all-natural sugaring technique that reduces pain, in-grown hairs and irritation. $61
Stomach Stomachs can be sensitive. Let us remove unwanted hair with a painless, quick and effective method suitable for all skin types! $30
Neck We can clean you up to look sleek and sharp without the hassle and pain of waxing using an all-natural sugar paste designed for sensitive skin. $30
Shoulders Let us indulge you in softer shoulders using gentle sugaring that is designed to make you look and feel good without any of the stress of waxing. $35
Arm Parade your arms with pride and without the hair with our gentle, painless and natural sugaring technique made for sensitive skin. $55
Forearm Don't be afraid to roll up those sleeves and show off your forearms with an all-natural hair removal method that will leave your smoother for longer. $41
Full Leg The pain of waxing is a thing of the past for your legs with sugaring. $84
1/2 Leg Get summer ready and remove unwanted hair with our gentle sugar paste technique that will get you cleaned up with no fuss. $46
Back, Neck & Shoulders Step out in style all year round with our upper body and back sugaring, designed to work well on all types of skin for all occasions. $99
Chest, Stomach Remove unwanted hair with an ancient technique that will leave your chest and stomach smooth and also remove dead skin cells, unblock your pores and reduce the risk of in-grown hairs. $79
Icon Lash Extensions

Want to speed up your beauty routine to have long, voluminous lashes every day without the need for mascara? Our beauty therapists are experts in the application of lash extensions for beautiful, full lash sets, using delicate care to individually apply extensions to your natural lashes. The effortless way to look glamorous – at all times!
Enquire today to find out about our different lash extensions & refill options.

Icon Quality Guaranteed

Need a stylish look but don’t have the time to wait around? We can get you ready in no time with as much care as a full service treatment to ensure you’re looking glam for your next event. Our specialists work with products that are hypoallergenic and we take care to ensure that any products used will be suited to your skin type and needs.

For Pricing & Availability

Please note that all pricing is indicative & subject to change without notification. No-shows and cancellations of scheduled appointments will result in forfeiture of the booking fee. All booking fees are strictly non-refundable.

Heading Out Fitzroy is open every Sunday for your convenience. Please understand a 10% surcharge applies to all services on Sundays.

Our Fitzroy salon is also open on Melbourne Cup Day from 6am to take care of all your Hair & Make Up needs for the races. To make this service possible on a public holiday, please understand we have a 12.5% surcharge on all services.