Caterina Di Biase’s collection ‘Noveau Chic’ exudes the power of female elegance and sex appeal.

Inspired by two historic female style icons; Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot, the merging of these two powerful women has created a striking collection of reinvented classics. The collection recognises the regal elegance and classic styling of Grace Kelly, whilst underpinning it throughout is Brigitte Bardot’s exuding sex appeal. For two women who lived such contrasting lives the mergence of their two fundamental styles has created a collection depicting the modern woman. Grace Kelly was renowned for plaits, statement hair buns, pulled back styles, and finishing details. As the years went on movement and sculpture updated her styles, with waves becoming a signature.

Grace Kelly encompassed regality with structure and elegance. Brigitte Bardot on the other hand was the sex symbol of the 50s and 60s. The Brigitte Bardot era saw high crowns, pony tails, larger proportions and extraordinary volume. Everything was super glam, and super sexy. With a hint of the 70s undone influence with movement and playfulness the collection comprises a range of powerful looks that work to create a glamorous contemporary collection with reinvented techniques. From sleek pure blonde braided crowns showcasing polished glamour and detail, to voluminous untamed tresses; each look draws on elements and statement looks from the influences behind the collection with a balance that demands attention.

The collection was shot by hair photographer Andrew O’Toole and the black and white images compliment the details and features within each shot, whilst remaining with the classic direction of the collection. The photography was inspired by the cheeky feminine style of photographer Ellen Von Unworth. The collection is beautifully executed with tremendous attention to detail. The collection evokes modern female allure of power, lust and elegance.


Hair Director: Caterina Di Biase and Team for Heading Out Hair and Beauty Australia
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole
Make-up Artist: Kylie O'Toole
Stylist: Elaine Marshall
Sponsored by: L'Oreal Professional and Showpony Professional

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