Heading Out’s collection ‘Vignette’ is inspired by renaissance and baroque portraits, Victorian photography and silent film stars such as Clark Gable.

The collection is brought to life by the use of bold shapes, editorial styling and intricate details. Set amongst barren tree branches and menacing skies, ‘Vignette’ was shot in black and white to enhance the mood and highlight the rich detail of layered clothing and jewellery.

“I used modern elements mixed with Avant Garde styling to create a hair-like sculpture, where the hair is strong in shape but simple in silhouette,” . The heritage fundamentals of barbershop and men’s grooming were applied to each image. Avant Garde combined traditional finger waves with modern free hand clipper work to create a renaissance effect.The images recognise the masculinity, class and stature of men and use facial hair as a symbol of male identity. “I love the theatrical facade pushing the limits of the collection, to make men’s hair as diverse as females,”

The use of light is significant in creating the atmosphere of the shoot; it adds a softness that is contrasted by the strong silhouettes of the hair and styling.


Hair Director: Heading Out Hair and Beauty Australia
Photographer: Fiona Storey
Makeup Artist: Hayley Ryan
Stylist: Carlos Mangubat

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