Graceful Grey

Age bestows grace and elegance and embracing this will ignite a new love affair with your grey hair

One major concern as we age is the loss of pigment from our hair which often leads to a dry, dull shade of grey.

Colour specialist, Caterina Di Biase and her team at Heading Out, know the best ways to treat and colour greying hair especially if you are ready to embrace a full head of grey.

For those who prefer to keep rockin’ their bright and bold hair colours, only a professional hairdresser knows the best way to maintain and look after these colours, without damaging your hair.

Considering going dark to cover the grey?  You need to understand the pros and cons of such a choice, not only on your hair but on your complexion. Similarly, if you are toying with blonde there are do’s and don’ts that only a professional can advise you on.

Changing your hair colour will need a new at home care routine which will keep your colour fresher for longer. Understanding which products will perform best for your hair are integral to maintenance.

Catering to this change is Schwarzkopf Professional and their BC Excellium range. The Excellium range is the first holistic care and finish system specially dedicated to mature hair needs.

Beautifying with Q10+ Pearl: for silver and white hair to provide shine and moisture.

Taming with Q10+ Omega 3 – for coarse coloured mature hair, providing colour protection and smoothening for your hair.

Plumping with Q10+ Collagen: perfect for fine, coloured, mature hair to protect your colour and provide volume and moisture.

These innovative products will erase visible signs of ageing while stimulating the hair’s natural keratin synthesis resulting in better texture.

When embracing a color change, a new style or cut will breath life into your overall look and only a true stylist will best advise on length and shape.