Tribute to the late Princess Diana

At Heading Out Hair and Beauty, we are constantly given the opportunity in and outside the salon to be creative, experimental and work on projects that are truly unique. Earlier this month our very own Caterina Di Biase collaborated with bridal designer Signor Mont Couture, and along with a small team of creatives, created a stunning tribute to the late Princess of Wales to mark her upcoming 20th anniversary. Signor Mont designer, Anthony Montesano had a strong vision, which included a custom one-off couture gown for the shoot, made in Diana’s memory.

The Legacy – A tribute to Diana, Queen of Hearts.

Diana’s destiny was finally fulfilled. At the peak of her beauty and goodness of heart, her earthly calling ended and her legacy began. Sorrowful and hopeful, her message has grown over the 20 years, immortalized in every person who was touched by her. She is now cloaked in glory, a sorrowful triumph sparkles in her eyes, which glimmer with both a glaze of joy and sadness that she has given so much but lost so much.  She hauntingly moves through this earthly setting, her youthful modesty still visible underneath all her regal glory. She sparkles in darkness and is now aware of the earthly aura she has created.

More commanding than the grandest queen, yet with the fragility of a girl she ponders all that has occurred and now feels an inner peace that fulfills the depths of her soul. She sweeps through; unaware fully of the beauty she possesses and shows a melancholy naiveté that has endeared her to generations during and after her earthly reign.

Photography: Rachael Michelle Ogle

Model: Lissy Wilson

Gown: Signor Mont Couture

Venues: Anton Venoir Interiors, Parliament house.

Hair: Caterina Di Biase

Makeup: Sarah Lea Cross

Crown: Maria Elena Headpieces Australia