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Each visit to one of our salons is a personalised experience. With no wait time, welcome drinks and great conversation, we ensure that you get the very best treatment while we craft the perfect look for you. Sit back, embrace your head massage, and relax while our stylists work their magic.

Service Type Description Emerging Stylist Head Stylist Principal Stylist
Ladies' Cut & Blow Wave Get the cut that best suits your face and leaves you feeling special with our customised hair styling sessions. $88 $98 $108
Men's Cut & Finish Make your hair shine with our specialist treatments that give you the style that works best for you. $63 $73 $78
Clipper Cut Stay on trend with a smooth fade, shave or undercut! $36 $36 $36
Men's Express Cut A quick cut can help frame your face and keep you looking fresh! $53 $53 $53
Blow Wave (Short) Stand out from the crowd with the silky waves you’ve always wanted. $52 $62 $72
Blow Wave (Medium) Frame your face with luscious waves with our specialist blow wave service. $59 $69 $79
Blow Wave (Long) Give your longer locks flowing waves for that beachy look. $66 $76 $86
Blow Wave (Specialist) Step up your treatment and make your waves even more glam with our customized blow wave styling. $77 $87 $97
Express Curls Don't wait around! Curls have never been more fabulous or easy to access with our express curling treatments! $55 $55 $55
Express Upstyle Need a captivating style but don’t have time to wait around? Our express styling services can give you the look that suits you in a fraction of the time. $55 $55 $55
Express Straighten Want your hair sleek and straight but need it fast? Book in with our speed straightening services! $30 $30 $30
GHD Style Using the very best straightening wands from GHD, we can give you that sleek, irresistable style that only models have. $55 $55 $55
Up-Style Highlight your looks for your special occasion with our personalised styling experience. $120 $123 $147
Icon colouring

The perfect colour can highlight your natural beauty, shape your face and make you stand out from the crowd. Take your hair to the next level, make it suit your face and style perfectly, and relax at the same time with our colouring and complementary head massage services.

Service Type Description Emerging Stylist Head Stylist Principal Stylist
Hairline Don’t let your hairline give away your true colour with touch ups created to give that natural look back to your locks. POA POA POA
Colour (Short) Give your hair a brand new look and complement your face with a fresh colour to make your style pop! $97 $108 $121
Colour (Medium) Spice up your looks with our dye range that can be matched to frame your face. $108 $118 $128
Colour (Long) Step into fresh trends and explore a whole new you with our range of permanent colours that can be matched to suit your long locks best. $111 $123 $134
1/4 Head of Highlights Get a touch of that beachy look with our natural highlight package. $123 $133 $148
1/2 Head of Highlights Brighten your hair and frame your face to accentuate your looks with our ½ head highlight package. $158 $173 $198
Full Head of Highlight Make your hair glow while still maintaining that natural look to brighten and shape your face. $213 $228 $243
Virgin Full Head of Highlights Make the dive into a whole new you with our highlight treatments designed exclusively for virgin hair. $260 $273 $288
1/2 Head of Balayage Highlighting the top layer of your hair brings out a beautiful sun-kissed style that helps frame your face and make it look fresh. Recommended for virgin hair. $203 $218 $233
Full Head of Balayage Depth, dimension and natural beauty are all yours with a full head balayage to highlight the natural tones of your hair! $253 $263 $278
Balayage & Roots Go all out and let us hand-highlight your hair and roots bringing you a natural beachy style in all the right places. $263 $278 $293
Scalp Bleach Our team brings a delicate touch to our bleaching treatments, ensuring that no damage is done to your hair or scalp. $140 $152 $162
Toner Gently change the undertone of your hair and get the perfect final touch for your colour with our toner treatments that are designed exclusively to match your look. $33 - -
Icon Extensions

Look like a celebrity and get the chance to meet them in store too! Getting those luxurious locks you’ve always wanted has never been easier with our range of Showpony extensions, that can be cut, coloured and curled for the perfect look.

NOTE All new extension services require a free consultation prior to booking your appointment.

Service: Extensions Description
1/2 Head Tape Our stylists can give you that extra bit of volume where you need itmost with our Showpony hair extensions. $500
Full Head Tape Get those full luscious locks that look all-natural with ourShowpony extensions! $800
1/2 Head Microbead Reduce the risk of damage to your hair and discreetly add depth with our microbead extensions. $400
Full Head Head Microbead Made from natural human hair, our full-head microbead treatment will give you the lusciousvolume that’s made for models. $600
Re-apply/Remove Extensions Extensions not holding up to your glamorous style?
Get them removed or reattached in store
Icon Treat Yourself

Your hair needs personalised care to help it stay healthy. We can determine what areas your hair needs repair in, the treatments will work best for you and how to prevent your hair from future damage with our range of products and services that are tailored to your needs.

Icon Special Event Styling

Got a big event coming up where you want to shine? Our specialist stylists will have you looking and feeling gorgeous and will tailor your look to suit the occasion; whether you’re preparing for a gala, race day, or even just a night out with your friends. Be at ease knowing that you’ll have a luxurious experience and be taken care of here with the team at Heading Out.

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Please note that all pricing is indicative & are subject to change without notification.

Please contact us directly if you would like to arrange a booking with Caterina, Art Director.